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Trouble free running is an important factor for any vehicle . it ensures longer life ,ontime delivery schedule and return on investment as planned .

in today's scenario , maintenance free operation of vehicle is also related to various other initiatives for saving fuel and pollution that affects our country's economy and environment.

we at swami industries belive in constant up-gradation of quality and performance of our products with the changing times.

We use high quality branded chemicals and performance enhancing imported additives which blend to give a quality produvt that meets stringent interntional standrds IS5759-2006 and (i.e. japanese industrial standard JIS-k-2234-87)
is not only a great product but it also comes with high quality container
and superior tamper prof packaging. You can conveniently carry a H.D.P.E can in your car or store one at home without the fear of spillage. it is a 100% recycable and cologically friendly product.
additave offers essential protection against corrosionfrost and
overheating. This high quality pproduct protects thecooling systeml from formation of scale and is nitric, amino - acid and phosphate free.
additve can be used for both aluminium and cast-iron engines .
andmets the automotive industry standards
Clycol Based Heavy duty Radiator coolant .
Our Latest Product

  Salient Feature
Glycol Based
Proven Formula
Long Life
  Our Products Packing
500 mlx 30 bottles Bottlrd
per Box
1 Ltr.x 15 Bottles per Box
3 Ltr.x 6 cans per Box
5 Ltrx4 cans per BOX
25 LTR.X 1 Can
40 Ltr.x 1 can
210 Ltr.x1 Barrel
500mlx 6 Bottles per Box
1 Ltr.x 6 Bottles per Box
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